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Joint Statement

The Parties to the Group Litigation in Bates v Post Office are pleased to report that they have reached a comprehensive resolution to their long-running litigation in the High Court, following several days of respectful, challenging, and ultimately successful mediation during which the parties engaged with each other in good faith.

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Henderson’s Group celebrates Post Office successes

Our much-valued partner Henderson's held their annual award ceremony in Belfast over the weekend. With 60 out of their 90 retail outlets now hosting a Post Office branch, they serve around 3 million of our customers a year, playing a significant role in strengthening our business.

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Talking mail

It’s Post Office Season, our busiest time of year when our biggest priority is the mails peak. We speak to Mark Siviter, Managing Director Mails & Retail, about current trends in the mails market and what we’ll be focusing on this Christmas to be better for our postmasters and our customers.