Simon Oldnall - IT


October 2021

An update from Simon Oldnall, Horizon IT Director - I wanted to start this month’s update by sharing a great story of teamwork.


September 2021

An update from Simon Oldnall: As ever, the work we are doing within the Horizon Programme right now is key. I’m pleased to share news of a few activities underway across the Programme helping to improve how you use Horizon.  


August 2021

We’re replacing Horizon and we want you to be involved. We want to move to a modern IT system that has been designed for and with postmasters and branch teams. 


July 2021

An update from Simon Oldnall, Horizon IT Director - As part of this month’s update, I wanted to share a story about generosity. Satish Karia from the Chatteris Post Office provided access to their branch for a member of my team to perform...

  • 07-05-2021

    May 2021

    I want to involve you in how we design and improve Horizon and our branch technology. Over the past month my team and I have attended NFSP North East regional meeting, hosted a Postmaster co-creation workshop...

  • 09-04-2021

    April 2021

    Thank you to the Postmasters who have contacted me since my last update. It has been really good to hear your feedback and views on IT and branch technology. 

  • 04-03-2021

    March 2021

    I’m Simon Oldnall and I’m the new Horizon IT Director at Post Office. IT is a big area and everything we do is linked to technology, but specifically I look after all aspects relating to Horizon. This...