Russell Hancock - Supply Chain


August 2021

We have now held our ‘Show & Tell’ events in Sheffield, Norwich and Swindon depots. It’s been really good to be able to open our doors to our depots and show visiting Postmasters how we operate. 


June 2021

I’m looking forward to hosting our first ‘Show & Tell’ event this month in our Sheffield depot where we’ll open the doors to the unit and show visiting Postmasters how we operate.


May 2021

It’s now been 4 months since my first update, and I believe we have started to make some changes to better support you.

  • 15-04-2021

    April 2021

    Over the last few weeks, I hope you’ve started to notice a change in how Supply Chain supports you and your branch. As I said in my first update, it was painful to hear from Postmasters that their perception...

  • 11-03-2021

    March 2021

    I want to thank Postmasters for their continued sharing of their ongoing experiences and challenges, as understanding these issues will help us provide better support to you. Many of you also recently...

  • 11-02-2021

    February 2021

    We’re now on our own journey in Supply Chain to make sure we’re putting Postmasters at the heart of everything we do. And I wanted to share some of the work we are doing to make things better for you....