Summer travel – thank you

Summer travel – thank you

Our summer travel campaign has now come to an end. We’ve  seen some challenges in the market, which continues due to Brexit uncertainties and generally more people choosing staycations.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve looked at who our competitors are and heard a lot about branches providing great service to customers, including the negative experiences we need to learn from. And we supported with travel workshops and resources, as well as responded to many questions asked by postmasters about travel money - let’s keep the conversations going as it’s important to share concerns and ideas.

Thank you from FRES

This summer, our travel money partner First Rate Exchange Services (FRES) was also giving away hundreds of £50 One4all gift cards to the best performing branches. Winners were announced weekly through email from One Post Office.

133 £50 One4All gift cards were given away each week. After 9 week’s that’s a total of 1,197 vouchers given out across the summer making it out biggest summer incentive ever.

George Sylvester, Network Sales Development and Communications Manager at FRES said: “Congratulations to all the winners. We’ve seen some excellent examples of customer service being delivered, it’s a tough market to be in so thank you for the energy, enthusiasm and commitment from the branch network to help customers, which has been brilliant.”

However, the travel season is far from over – did you know September is the third biggest month for travel? Read more here.