Spotlight on Mails

Spotlight on Mails

Mails has been a part of the Post Office since day one. It’s the service everyone knows we provide. But the market today looks very different to 20, 5, 3 and even 1 year ago.

The competition is heating up and customers’ needs and expectations continue to change. Being trusted and convenient is great, however we need to find new ways to stay relevant and continuously improve customer service. Our ambition is to remain number one in letters and parcels.

We know Mails products and services are important to your branch - it’s still the number one reason why people visit a post office. With the festive season fast approaching, your branch will be opening its doors to hundreds of customers, some existing and many new. To ensure your customers keep returning to you, not just this Christmas, but all year around, everyone has to work hard and make the customer experience so great, so that they don’t even think about or are tempted to go elsewhere.

Mails focus on One

For Postmasters who want to understand more about the mails market and the competition, customer views and learn from best practise we have an important Mails campaign starting today on the One Post Office website. Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll:

  • Look at our competitors – who are they and what are they doing this trading period
  • Explore the size of the market and the opportunity we have especially with events like Black Friday
  • Get to know who our three core mails customers are and what they want from us
  • Provide insight into what customers are saying about our services – sharing strengths and weaknesses!
  • Focus on the types of vulnerable customers who come to our branches and what support they need
  • Share best practise and top tips including interviews with our Retail Sales Award winners
  • Publish materials from the Mails workshops so you have it in one place online, and run sessions with your teams.

Mails workshops continue

To support you ahead of the biggest trading period, every year our Sales and Development team hold workshops across the country. This year the workshops were open to over 9,000 branches, with 53 workshops taking place in September and October. This is an opportunity to learn more about what today’s customers want, how best to promote key services such as Drop & Go and learn about opportunities presented by Pre-paid and Local Collect and ultimately grow your income. Sign up now


For branches on social media, we’ll provide you with regular pre-drafted messages and images you can share with your customers and communities on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It’s something we want to support you with more on so we’ll test this out over the festive period. 

Your stories

The One website is a place for you to share your stories. Whether you are holding Christmas shopping events to promote your services, teaming up with a local business or organising a Christmas dinner for your community – we’d love to hear your story - please get in touch at