September is the third biggest month for travel

September is the third biggest month for travel

Top selling currencies in September

 # Currency 
1  Euro
US Dollar 
 Australian Dollar
Turkish Lira 
Croatian Kuna 
Canadian Dollar 
UAE Dirham 
South African Rand 
New Zealand Dollar 
10  Polish Zloty 

Our summer travel campaign may have ended, but the travel season is far from over. Many holiday-goers who have been waiting to escape the crowds will be packing their bags for an autumn or winter sun break. And with October half term and Christmas period coming up, there are plenty of opportunities to help customers get their holidays off to a great start.

George Sylvester, Network Sales Development and Communications Manager at FRES said:“September is the 3rd biggest travel month for our customers. So, it’s not over yet. Many people who do not have children, or have children who are grown up, choose to travel outside of term time for various reasons, including cost and quieter hotels and resorts.

“These customers also look to travel to more exotic destinations, with places like Thailand, the Caribbean more popular at this time of year and with this comes higher values of spending money.

“It’s easy to think that when schools return that the travel season is over.But September is a great month for you to focus on travel, talk to your customers about their travel plans and above all promote all your travel services. In particular, talk about the buyback opportunity for those returning from their summer holidays.”