Postmaster views on new click and collect services

Postmaster views on new click and collect services

In four months, we have delivered new click and collect services with DPD and Amazon to over 3,000 branches. Roll out will continue in the new year.

Below we talk to two branches about their experiences of the new service:

Midanbury from the start of our roll out of DPD and Amazon and Stratford upon Avon who are one of the last branches to go live. Both were supported by their Area Managers, Mitchell Taylor and Sarah Harris.

Ash at Midanbury, South East region

Ashok and Sangita Banga with Anne Robinson

When did your branch get DPD click and collect services?

We were the first branch in the country, we started the service on 14th August.

Have you enjoyed being able to offer click and collect services for a new carrier?

Yes we are still enjoying it, we welcome all new business through our office. The additional footfall is much needed for not only my branch but for the network. We need more carriers on board to show our local communities how important the Post Office network is to show trust loyalty and community spirit.

How have you managed the space in your branch?

I am quite fortunate with space within my branch, with DPD most of our customers are collection same day so it’s minimal storage. With the bigger parcels we store them out the back and grab them when the customers come in.

Any top tips for branches who are about to offer services for DPD or Amazon?

Take it! It’s bringing in so many new faces into our branch and most importantly the younger generation. Be positive, branches need to show that we know what we’re doing, we have it under control! PUDO is coming, think about what you need to do to your business to accommodate the services! It’s great for our network!

What are your thoughts on Post Office working with other carriers?

I’ve asked my Area Manager for the last 3 years to why we can’t offer services for other carriers! I am excited to what’s instore for us! We need DHL, Hermes, UPS, FedEx, Yodel, Business Post and any others that are willing. I am really excited to be able to accept parcels from customers for these carriers! We have to make this work to strengthen our business as well as Post Office Ltd.

Nick at Stratford upon Avon, Northern Ireland and South Wales region

Nick Singh Branch Manager & Juliet Jennings Counter Clerk

What are your thoughts on Post Office working with other carriers? 

I feel it is a great opportunity to become a one stop shop for parcels. It will be a lot easier for customers as they can come and collect several parcels at the same time from the one place, it makes for a much service & experience for our customers.

How do you feel now the click and collect service is available in your branch?

It’s great to be part of this new service and the process is so simple for both Amazon & DPD.

How will this help in the run up to Christmas? 

We hope this will be able to reduce queue times for customers and bring new faces and footfall into branch that we haven’t seen before. This should help with improving sales on our retails offering too, we offer great customer service so these customers with hopefully become new regulars for us.

How will you manage the space in your branch? 

We will potentially need to arrange more shelving to be able to allocate space to the different carriers, but currently this is manageable for us and we have a new system set up to ensure we keep these parcels separate.

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