Post Office Travel Money Card can be used to access cash during coronavirus

Post Office Travel Money Card can be used to access cash during coronavirus

The Post Office is reminding its 700,000-plus Post Office Travel Money Card customers that any foreign currency held on their card can be transferred back to Pound Sterling to use during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Post Office Travel Money Card is a multi-currency card which holds 23 currencies. Customers who want to swap funds back into Pound Sterling can do so without incurring a fee. It is moved at the advertised rate of the day. Customers can use the card in shops or online to make essential purchases, withdraw the money from an ATM (£1.50 fee) or take the money out at a Post Office counter. 

Travel Money Card customers who remain abroad or unable to get back to the UK during the pandemic can continue to load their Post Office Travel Money Card with the foreign currency and then withdraw cash from ATMs where the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed in that country to help with day to day expenses.                   

Nick Boden from Post Office Travel Money said: “Whilst travelling abroad is not at the forefront of people’s minds right now, we want to remind Travel Money Card holders who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic that they may have foreign currency sitting on their card right now that can be transferred to Pounds to help with day-to-day expenses. 

“For Britons who are stuck abroad at the moment and who already have our Travel Money Card it can still be loaded with foreign currency to help navigate expenses incurred trying to get home. Any currency that is not used can be held over on the card for a number of years.” 

Post Office Travel Money has announced changes that have come into effect following the UK’s continued efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The ability to purchase Travel Money online from the Post Office website and the use of its branch pre-order service are now suspended. Both services will remain suspended whilst strict self-isolation measures remain in place.