Payout vouchers supporting half a million vulnerable customers

Payout vouchers supporting half a million vulnerable customers

This year, the number of customers using Post Office Payout to top-up their energy keys or cards has increased 20%. This is largely due to the growing number of customers reliant on fuel crisis support payments due to the pandemic.

Since April, we’ve issued over 200,000 Payout vouchers. This is expected to rise to half a million over the next few months, as we issue more Warm Home Discount vouchers during the colder winter months.

Over 90% of fuel crisis Payout vouchers are now sent to vulnerable customers by text message. Don’t forget, these texts don’t need any identification to be shown at the counter.

It’s important our customers and clients get the service they expect when redeeming their vouchers in branch. To help keep the transaction as simple as possible here are a few top tips:

  • Check that the customer has their top-up key or card with them before you start the transaction.
  • To check whether Warm Home Discount funds can be split over gas and electric, you can check the wording on the customer’s letter. If the letter doesn’t state that the funds can be split, it can’t be split.
  • Text Messages require manual entry of the 19 digit code by selecting Manual entry from the Horizon Home screen (keyboard shortcut 72) and choose Barcode (keyboard shortcut 22) to enter the code and carry out the Payout transaction.
  • If your Paystation isn’t working, you can’t carry out the transaction. You can report this to the IT Service Desk on 0333 123 0778.

Don’t forget, full instructions about how to process a Payout voucher is available on Horizon Help:

  • F7 Horizon Help
  • F7 Retail
  • F8 Bill Payments, meter top-ups and Payout services
  • F8 Post Office Payout