Passport renewals get digital

Passport renewals get digital

Be it foreign currency, travel insurance or passports, we’ve been answering the UK’s travel needs for over a generation. And this month, we’ve gone a step further towards becoming the go-to place for travel essentials with our roll-out of digital passport renewals at 725 locations across the UK.

Which is why we were delighted to see this tweet last week:

“@HM Passport I just wanted to say thank you! Passport renewal sent via the @PostOffice check and send Friday, new passport delivered today!! Amazing service #creditwherecreditisdue”

We’ve been working closely with Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) to allow customers to renew their passport digitally in more than 700 of our branches across the UK. Customers can now choose how to renew their passport, all in the knowledge that Post Office colleagues will be on hand to help speed the process through – without risk or error.

Martin Edwards, Managing Director for Identity Services, commented: 
“This is a really exciting time for us. The Passport Office has recommended our Check and Send service for over 20 years and now we can offer a service which combines the speed and convenience of a digital application with the support and reassurance that comes with a branch-based service. 

“This demonstrates how we are constantly developing our services, bringing together the physical and digital worlds and offering even greater convenience and choice for customers.

“Since we launched the Digital Check and Send service on 1 October, we have completed over 4000 passport renewals, with over half  printed and dispatched back to owner in just a few days. Currently we are adding 500 new applications every day! The increasing importance of identity documents such as passports in our daily lives means we are just as relevant today as we have always been. And, as we continue to evolve in this space, we will be able to maintain our relevance for tomorrow’s customers too.”

Why have we made this change?

We need to make sure we continuously improve things for our customers.  By digitisng the Check and Send process, we’ve created a one stop shop where customers can get their photo taken, complete the application and dispatch their documents all at once. This removes a huge amount of complexity – and time - from the process.

• No need for forms in the process as we take the customer’s information directly from the pasport.

• Peace of mind for the customer as digital integration with the Passport Office means customers are kept up to date with the progress of their application by text and email.

HMPO’s Director General HM Passport Office Mark Thomson is really enthusiastic:

“We want to make sure we have a modern and easy-to-use service for the millions of passport holders and applicants, which is why the Post Office’s Check and Send service is really valuable.

“Our customers want convenience and peace of mind and this new digital service will make it even easier to submit their passport application – it is precisely the sort of innovation they are looking for.”

But what's next?

We have big plans for getting more customers using the service.

In January, we’ll be launching a campaign to target:

• young people who are renewing their passport for the first time and

• business people who may only have a small window in which to renew expiring passports before their next trip.