Ofcom announces cap on 118 number charges

Ofcom announces cap on 118 number charges

You may have noticed news yesterday that Ofcom have announced a cap on calls to Directory Enquiry service numbers, also known as 118 numbers. 

Effective from April 2019, the maximum charge for a call will be capped at £3.65 for every 90 second call. 

However, Post Office will not be impacted by this cap as we continue to have one of the cheapest 118 offerings in the market at just £1.00 compared with 118 004 (Telecom2) who charge an eye-watering £19.98 for the same duration*. 

While the number of calls being made to 118 services has been falling by around 40% every year due to easily accessible information being available online, more than a million people in the UK – many of them elderly – still use these services.  In addition to the high prices that some providers charge, Ofcom’s review found a lack of transparency and awareness of the cost of these services. 

Meredith Sharples, Director of Telecoms at Post Office, said: “Directory enquiry services are a lifeline for some customers, and our 118 855 service offers customer the certainty of a fixed cost of just £1 per call without any per minute charges - while some of our competitors can charge up to £19.98 for the same service. The product is a good example of our focus on customers and achieving our North Star ambition of a sustainable Telecoms business.” 

*source - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/features-and-news/new-price-cap-on-118-numbers