New currencies now available on the Travel Money Card

New currencies now available on the Travel Money Card

The Rugby World Cup will see thousands of fans travelling to Japan over the next few weeks. We’ve now added Japanese Yen to the currencies available on our Travel Money Card online to give our customers the option of our safe, hassle-free payment option. 

We already have 13 currencies available on the Travel Money Card, and we have now added a further 10 currencies. This is currently available to top-up online or on the Post Office Travel App. These new currencies will also be launching in branch in the coming weeks.

We know that, overall, our customers spend money on Travel Money Cards every three seconds. Since launch, over 650,000 Post Office Travel Money Cards have been sold in branch, which is over 80% of the total number of Travel Money Cards sold. You can continue to receive remuneration on subsequent top ups on the Travel Money Cards you sell, which makes it well worth your while, when on average a customer tops up at least 1.5 times in the first year alone.

Our 10 new currencies available on the Travel Money Card online are:

CZK (Czech Koruna)

JPY (Japanese Yen)

HUF (Hungarian Forint)

NOK (Norwegian Krone)

DKK (Danish Kroner)

SEK (Swedish Krona)

CNY (Chinese Yuan)

HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)

SAR (Saudi Riyal)

SGD (Singapore Dollar)

We will keep postmasters updated on when the service will be available in branch. Any top ups made in the new currencies will still earn remuneration for the branch that originally sold the card.