“I love the Post Office Travel Money Card”

“I love the Post Office Travel Money Card”

It’s true, we currently have the biggest market share in foreign exchange. But last week we looked at the growing competition that exists within the market, in particular by supermarkets, and new providers.

Running a business, large or small, is getting more challenging by the day because of changing customer demands and behaviours.

Travel is important to thousands of Postmasters businesses – most of the yearly travel income comes from this peak season that we are in.

Celebrate the positives...

And feedback from the last 30 days from customers shows the brilliant level of service being provided by Postmasters and branch teams. Below is some of the fantastic comments we’ve received through our Voice of the Customer feedback programme and social media.

Branches can view their own experiences using the Voice of the Customer programme, and celebrate the positive feedback they’ve received by their local customers.

Learn from the negatives...

We don’t always get it right, and experience varies from branch to branch and unfortunately we do lose customers. It’s important to learn from customers who feel haven’t been supported during their visit so next week we’ll be sharing these comments.

Here are some of the positive comments – thank you to all our branches for the care and service they are providing to customers.

  • “Absolutely awful experience with the @TUIUK pre-paid travel money card from start to finish. Will not be using next time I go on holiday. Post Office were better! And that's saying something!”
  • “I love the post office travel money card cus no more random currencies lying around the house.  I can just quickly transfer it to the one I need.”
  • “I was worried about carrying Euros for a first family holiday abroad and this staff member went above and beyond, explaining how to use the PO Money card and detailing the app. She made helpful suggestions as to how to share the money out over a card each for me and my husband and helped us save money on foreign transaction charges. Excellent customer services today, I will definitely be using the PO services again. She also explained that we can pay money into bank accounts and withdraw funds from the counter too, which I was unaware of. Excellent, friendly and efficient service.”

Going on holiday can be a stressful time but customers who feel positive about their visit feel Post Office has helped them get their travel sorted.

We are part of their holiday experience and sorting out things like Travel money and Insurance is often a relief. And when customers take the time from their busy lifestyles to praise the service they received, we’ve really made a difference or gone the Extra Mile.


  • “By receiving a good quality customer service is extra mile for me as we don’t get many this days. But Helen was very helpful and efficient to deal with my transaction. Her product knowledge was impressive she ask me if I have travel ins in place already for my trip. I have not thought about that. She told me how important to have travel ins. anything could happen which she’s right about that. If she didn’t ask me about it I would have not thought of getting one. I’m glad that staff here at Stamford hill look after there customers. Excellent customer service. Thank you”
  • “Get a post office travel money card. It’s the best for EU and USA and you can transfer money easy and it gives the best rates. It’s all I use everytime I’m in America.”
  • “She was friendly from the start of the dealing and she helped not only make me understand what to do but gave me other potential options that I could weigh up if I wanted to do something differently, she also did not rush in dealing with me although the store was busy she was very professional, kind and overall someone who definitely is really good at their job.”