Exclusive British Gas contract and new Banking Framework start from 1 January

Exclusive British Gas contract and new Banking Framework start from 1 January

Our exclusive bill payment contract with British Gas starts from 1 January 2020.

By securing this exclusive deal away from PayPoint for a minimum of five years, British Gas customers who pay over the counter will only be able to use a Post Office or a Payzone location from the New Year. So we expect to see additional British Gas and Scottish Gas customers coming to pay their bills or top up their meters on a regular basis across both networks.

Andrew Goddard, Managing Director – Payments, said: “This will be a real boost for postmasters and Payzone retailers alike across the country. The exclusivity means you could see significantly more customers coming through the door from January, driving much-needed footfall and additional business.”

Post Office bought Payzone Bill Payments Limited in October 2018 with the objective of winning new contracts like this to drive more customers to both networks.

The new Banking Framework agreement also starts from 1 January for a further three years.

It means millions of customers can continue to have convenient and secure access to everyday banking services and secures national access to cash, free of charge, for most personal banking customers and small businesses for another three years.

Banking Director Martin Kearsley said: “We worked with the banks over many months to ensure we can continue to offer a commercially viable service to their customers and, importantly, to ensure postmasters receive a fair remuneration for providing these services.”

Along with the remuneration increases we wrote to postmasters about earlier this month, this further underlines our focus on building a future that recognises you as valued commercial partners with your success at the centre of our business.