Cheque Authority Card – service update

Cheque Authority Card – service update

We’re making further steps to simplify our business and remove outdated processes such as the Cheque Authority Card. Some business customers who purchase mails products are currently allocated to use the Cheque Authority Card in approx. 990 Post Office branches.

We will be writing to these customers at the end of March 2022 to give them notice that we are removing this service from 30 June 2022. From 30 March 2022, we will no longer accept new applications that are made through our Post Office website.

We are making this change because there are better and more efficient products which serve the same purpose that are available to our customers. Furthermore, the cost of producing the card and operating this service are not feasible as they are becoming more costly to run. Our focus is to make sure we are investing in products that support your business to grow.

Our priority is to make sure we retain these business customers and in our communications to them, we will provide options of alternatives payment methods they can use to purchase products. Alternative payment methods include Drop & Go service with Post Office, Prepaid company cards, Business Debit Cards with existing bank, or Business Credit Cards with existing banks. If you are asked about Drop & Go service, please do discuss the benefits with them.

Here is a copy of the initial customer communications we will send on 30 March 2022.