Check before you apply

Check before you apply

Post Office Money Credit Cards – New Fast Checker

On Thursday 20th July we launched a brand new credit eligibility tool on our Credit Card web pages called ‘Fast Checker’.

Previously customers had to complete a full application before knowing whether they would be accepted for a credit card and this would be recorded against their file held at a credit bureau. This would ultimately affect a customer’s credit score and was therefore a potential barrier to applying for a card.

The new Fast Checker service from Post Office Money allows customers  to perform a quick soft search enquiry that doesn’t impact their credit score, giving them a score out of 10 to let them know how likely they are to be approved for any of our credit cards. Those with a higher score can then move on to completing a full application safe in the knowledge that they should be approved, minimizing the risk of adversely impacting their credit score.

This is a fantastic new service which will enhance the customer experience and is a great new feature to talk to customers who may be thinking about applying for one of our cards.

Fast Checker can be accessed on the credit card pages of