Better Travel Insurance coming soon

Better Travel Insurance coming soon

After listening to feedback from branches across the network, we have good news for you. Post Office is introducing pricing and process improvements to Travel Insurance, to make it better and easier for your customers. 

Now, as well as extending the number of Post Office branches that can sell Travel Insurance, we plan to improve pricing and enhance the product you sell in branch – starting later in the autumn. 

You told us that you felt disadvantaged by selling Travel Insurance in branches that’s more expensive than it is online. To help you to be more competitive, we’re bringing in a new pricing system – so you will be able to offer the best possible price in branch for all trip types and add-ons.     

The new pricing system will allow us to be more flexible, react better to changes in the travel market and adapt to seasonal trends. The benefit to you and your branches will be that we can alter our prices to make sure Travel Insurance is always competitive and appealing to your customers. As a result, you won’t need the pricing laminate anymore, so please take it out of use when we introduce these improvements. 

One of the most immediate changes you’ll see which will make Travel Insurance sales faster is the removal of the Quick Quote function. You will still be able to provide your customers with a quote through Horizon using the revised quote and buy process. This will not only save you time, but also increase your opportunities to convert a quote into a sale, as you’ll already be halfway through the sales journey once you have completed a quote.

From Monday (7 October), we’ll start to send you materials about our Travel Insurance improvements. You should expect to receive a new product leaflet, area of cover laminate and new policy pack, which contains the new policy wording you’ll need.

Look out for further communications soon about how we plan to make selling Travel Insurance simpler and more straightforward for you.