Banking offer for Postmasters

Banking offer for Postmasters

Cashplus Bank, which is a member of the Banking Framework, has teamed up with the National Federation of Subpostmasters (NFSP) to provide some added features and offers for Postmasters on its Business Bank Account.

As well as a low 0.3% fee for cash deposits with the account, the Postmaster offer includes 1% cashback on purchases made as a business and the annual account fee refunded for the first two years.

This is available for all current Postmasters.

NFSP members can find out more details about the account, the features/offers and how to apply at or in the August issue of the NFSP member magazine.

Non-members can find out more and apply at

Please note that you need to apply through one of the above links to qualify for the special offer.

Terms and Conditions apply; for details please see the above links.