Baby monitors, fish tanks and Christmas lights

Baby monitors, fish tanks and Christmas lights

As part of a wider campaign to promote Post Office Broadband, over the next few weeks we will be sharing some recent information about Internet usage with the UK media, as well as sharing quick fix troubleshooting tips to customers.

2,000 people (from across all suppliers) took part in the research which revealed:

  • 52% do not know the speed of broadband they currently receive 
  • 48% do not remember the broadband speed that was advertised to them when they bought their package
  • Two in five (40%) of those with slow internet connection take no action and wait for any problems to fix itself, despite there being several ‘quick fix’ solutions. 

Over a quarter of those with a main Wi-Fi router (28%) have placed their router by the TV or an electrical appliance, a move that can really slow broadband speed. A further 24% have their router by a window, shared wall or at the top of the house, all of which can lead to signal interference.

Meredith Sharples, Director of Telecoms said:

“Our reliance on the internet and how it enables our modern lives means it’s more important than ever to achieve the best possible speed and minimise any problems. 

“Our research reveals that many UK households don’t realise that simple adjustments could result in improved internet speeds – for example only 6% of customers have tried moving their router to a new location to improve coverage. 

“With so many still struggling with speed we’ve put together some top tips for users to try at home to help improve their service. 

Post Office Wi-Fi Squad experts have developed some Top Tips to help people understand what they can do to get the best internet connection possible in their home.

Find the best location for your router – move it away from windows, shared walls and electrical appliances

Check your privacy – if you don’t have password protection anyone could use your Wi-Fi and slow your connection down

Remain up-to-date – Updating your browser to a new provider or getting the latest version can really improve your download speed

Signal interference – keep your router away from electrical devices, even unexpected devices & appliances can affect your connection. Baby monitors, fish tanks and Christmas lights caninterfere with your signal.

Get up-to-speed - if you have a big household with members who stream, download and game, especially in the evenings, you may just need higher speed. Use Post Office Telecom’s Speed Checker to find out what speed you need -