2D barcode change: “We love it!”

2D barcode change: “We love it!”

That’s the verdict from Coal Clough Lane branch, one of more than 100 branches currently piloting 2D barcodes for several prepaid mails products. And it’s due to launch network-wide in the coming days – we will let branches know when they are going live.

Tracked Returns, Online Postage and Mailmark all benefit from the 2D barcode improvement as part of our drive to make processes and transactions simpler and quicker.

Coal Clough Lane postmaster Peter Harrison said: “We love it! It’s simpler and really easy to get used to.

“I’ve felt that previously Post Office has said new processes will be quicker but it hasn’t necessarily turned out to be the case for branches. But this one is.

“It might only save a few seconds on each return, but we do lots of those here, so the time is adding up to a significant amount.”

David Holmes, postmaster at Ditchling branch, agreed: “It’s noticeably quicker in most cases. The barcodes usually scan fine first time - you just need to be careful not to accidentally scan the other barcode where there are two.

“It makes a difference when people just need a certificate of posting too – that’s really quick.”

What’s changing?

The 2D barcode contains a lot of information branches previously entered manually. Scanning the 2D barcode automatically captures that information and fills in the relevant screens, such as the address and postcode. Branch colleagues just scan the product, capture the weight, check and confirm the details, add anything the system prompts you for and then print the Certificate of Posting.

Branches will need a 2D barcode scanner to use the new barcodes. These are part of the new IT equipment currently being rolled out across the network, so branches that don’t have the new scanner when these changes go live should carry on with the current process until they receive theirs.