Serving customers with Pride

Serving customers with Pride

In the build-up to our Manchester Pride event in just over two weeks’ time on Saturday 24 August, we’re going to the other side of the Pennines to see how Boston Spa branch in Leeds supported their community and celebrated their local Pride.

The branch team have been wearing their Post Office Pride t-shirts ahead of Leeds Pride last Sunday (4 August). We spoke to the team to find out more.

‘We were glad we could support Pride at Post Office’

Postmaster Tony Williams explains: “One of our Supply Chain cash delivery drivers asked if I knew we could order Post Office Pride t-shirts. We know people who work for other companies who were getting involved with Pride and we think it’s a good thing to do. So when we heard, we were glad we could support Pride at Post Office too. 

“I ordered two t-shirts and my wife Karen and Jane wore them serving customers in the branch for the week. We support Pride, because we’re here for everyone in our community.”

“It’s very bright, Jane!”

Jane Dickinson said: “The Pride parade was in Leeds city centre this past weekend. A couple of customers said to me about my Pride t-shirt, ‘It’s very bright, Jane!’ I replied, ‘Yes. We’re going with the flow!’ They came in the post and Dawn our Area Manager was visiting, so we took some photos.”

Area Manager, Dawn Penty, said: “I thought this was a great effort from Boston Spa branch in Leeds to support their local Pride event. The staff in this branch, Tony Williams the postmaster, his wife Karen Williams and Jane Dickinson, all get on great with all of their customers.”

“A great spirit, a great team, who daily serve the cast of Emmerdale and other celebrities in the area. In fact, I was amazed to see the vicar from Emmerdale collecting her Amazon Parcel on a recent visit to the branch!”