Postmaster Peer2Peer coaching underway

Postmaster Peer2Peer coaching underway

We want to make the most of the vast experience that many Postmasters have and are willing to share with other Postmasters. In January 2022, we started roll out of Peer2Peer coaching so that Postmasters from top performing branches can share their best practice and helpful tips.

Almost 150 Postmasters volunteered to take part and there have been some 200+ visits so far.

Impact on sales and remuneration
Early data shows increases in higher remuneration value products such as Signed For, Special Delivery, and Parcelforce AM services. Sales data from the branches visited shows

  • Signed For is up 0.6%
  • Special Delivery is up 1.8%
  • Parcelforce is up 5.7%

The Peer Supports have also helped to embed the banking 'would you like to take cash out' question and a comparison from before and after involvement shows a 13.6% growth in banking remuneration and an exceptional 7.9% in Mails remuneration.

Views from Peer2Peer pair in our North of England region

"The visit from Lorraine was absolutely fantastic. She really fitted in well, and newer staff were able to learn lots. Even those staff who have been here for a while benefitted, as it refreshed their approach. Our confidence really grew, as I am sure will our business. It's really a great idea – and free for us.” Paula, Postmaster at Strensall branch.


"It was my pleasure to go to the branch, they were welcoming and were really willing to listen and to try things in a different way – in fact we all learned something new so it was a great way to collaborate. I will be going back there soon and it will be exciting to see the changes.” Lorraine, Postmaster at Malton Branch and Peer Support Coach.


Richard Longstreth, a previous Area Manager who is now facilitating the Peer2Peer coaching programme said: "Peer2Peer coaching programme was established to improve the income potential of the branch by giving a great customer experience. In branch this means not making assumptions about customers and simply offering the right service to each customer every time.  We have seen improved remuneration for branches, as well as building general capability and confidence. The programme has highlighted the vast opportunity there is in our network if we were all to pull together. The support is free and is given by existing Postmasters who know the challenges, acting as a refresher for even the most experienced of teams in this busy and challenging environment and I'm glad this is making a difference to our Postmasters.”

Views from other Postmasters involved

Here are comments from Postmasters who have received a visit from a Peer Support coach.

"It's really good to have someone visiting branches, as you can see how helpful the support he provides about ideas to increase the business value, it is very good. You can see from his point of view how knowledgeable he is when his doing his job. We are very glad he came to visit our branch." Lancaster Road branch, Greater London region

"My coach was very knowledgeable and had some good tips to improve remuneration, he also taught me about change giving. He understands the job fully and is speaking from the point of view of someone who does the job and wants to help.”
Letterston branch, Northern Ireland and South Wales region

"I feel that the support from this visit has given me much more information to share with my team about ways of increasing value. It is now much more easily explainable to other staff members and hopefully with drive them forward with this.” Lime Tree Road, Midlands Region

"Our coach was very helpful in answering our questions about transactions and post office work in general a real pleasure to meet him.” Whitehall Road, North of England region

"Gave us great ideas to increase remunerations whilst giving the customer a better service” Pathfinder Village branch, South West region