“Jane has set me off on my holiday with a big cheer in my heart”

“Jane has set me off on my holiday with a big cheer in my heart”

Running a retail business of any size is getting ever more challenging, with evolving customer behaviours, the rise of online shopping and fierce competition over price, quality and convenience.

When faced with a sometimes overwhelming range of choices, great customer service is still a huge factor in why customers choose one company over another.

Postmasters and Branch Managers give great service every day and it is worth stopping to appreciate what that means to people.

Like this customer Matthew, who wrote to tell us how Jane Hewson from Old Brumby Post Office, in Brumby Corner Spar store, went the extra mile:

Matthew’s experience

“I feel compelled to put in writing what a fabulous member of staff you have in your Old Brumby Street branch in Scunthorpe. Jane has set me off on my holiday with a big cheer in my heart and I cannot sing her praises enough.

“Having ordered and paid for my holiday money online, I arranged to collect it in branch. It was only when I read the confirmation email that I realised I needed some photo ID. Well I was at work at the time, intending to nip out in my lunch break and did not have either my passport or driver’s license. I headed on down armed only with a photo of my license.

“As Jane explained when I got down there, she needed to see the physical identification, quite rightly!! However this did put me in a bind as I had changed all my holiday money and now had no way of getting to it. As I live over an hour away, this did not give me enough time to get back with my ID.

Jane explored all avenues in an attempt to help me out and was calm and knowledgeable at all times.

When it became apparent my holiday would not be happening at all without a mad dash home, she told me not to worry, she would hang on for me, she gave me the shop phone number and told me to call when I was on the way back. When I called, still in a panic and told her I thought I would just about make it, she again told me not to worry, she would hang on for me. 

I made it back just as the post office was about to close and was greeted by Jane’s smiling face telling me she was not leaving until I had my money!

Jane really went the extra mile and put herself out.  I would like it if you could pass on my thanks to Jane. Every now and then someone restores my faith in humanity and today that was Jane.”

Jane’s reaction

The person who gave this great service was Jane Hewson, Post Office Manager for the branch, which is run by AF Blakemore Retail. We contacted her to share the feedback with her and she said,

"It’s so lovely to hear what the customer has said. He kept ringing me to update me on how close he was to coming back with his ID, but I was relaxed about it. I told him, no worries, I’ll stay here until you get here. He got here just in time for closing, but I would have waited either way.

I also let him know that next time I can set him up with a Travel Money Card, so he doesn’t have all this last minute worry and can top up with his phone.

I love my customers and customer service is really important to me. Hearing what this customer has said really means the world to me. It makes it all worthwhile.”

Joanne Fryatt, Area Manager, said “Thank you very much for the recognition of Jane. I know she will be thrilled. I am so proud to have her in my team!”

Shaun Kerrison, Regional Manager, East of England, said:

“I visited the branch with their Area Manager, Jo, yesterday morning. Jane and the branch are really customer focused, driven and want to make customers aware of all the great products and offers we have. It was great to meet her and her colleagues and it was great to hear this customer feedback.”

Well done, Jane for inspiring these great comments and thanks for everything you do all year round!

What sets Post Office apart is the friendly, local service teams in branch offer, combined with good products and the convenience of our unrivalled branch network across the UK.

Remind your customers to comment on your service with Voice of customer. They just visit www.postoffice.co.uk/feedback, give your branch code from their receipt or card and add their comments.