Focus on feedback

Focus on feedback

Converting customer comments into tangible improvements is a challenge Kingston upon Thames postmaster Sarah Hafeel takes very seriously.

Sarah has embraced the Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme, which gives customers the chance to win a £100 prize by providing feedback on Wow forms. “We’ve had a phenomenal response to the programme, and we get at least two replies every day,” said Sarah.

“I make a point of sharing all feedback with my staff in a regular email update, because being appreciated goes a long way towards maintaining a nice atmosphere and the right standards.”

A customer recently made a negative comment about waiting times. Sarah and the team used this to improve the layout of the queuing area, keen to demonstrate that they had taken notice.

“I’ve also made the VoC comments a focal point in staff training, because adding a personal touch helps hammer home how much each customer relies on us,” said Sarah.

“Additionally, I set little staff targets each week on earning Wows. I have 14 part-time staff in a busy branch, so doing that keeps the team motivated. Talking about customer service adds an element of competition.”