WOW-ing the network

WOW-ing the network

Getting feedback from customers so we can understand how well we’re serving them is so important for the future of our business, and so far this financial year we’ve received an amazing 80,000 WOWs through the Voice of Customer feedback process.

Leading the way is Glasgow’s West Nile Street branch with an incredible 1,200 WOWs.

Branch Manager Monica Johnston (pictured above) said: “As a team, we decided that every customer deserved  to be WOWed. We then spent a lot of time on our conversations. We listen to customers to understand what they really need and play that back so it makes sense to them.   

“When asking for feedback, we make it personal by asking a customer ‘Would you let us know how well I served you today?’ and then take that one step further by asking if they would mind putting that in writing and handing them a Voice of Customer card. We also tell them the feedback will come direct to our branch.

“We give out cards to appropriate customers, with everyone giving out more than 10 cards a day, and the WOWs received spread right across the team. We place every WOW on a dedicated board, so we can all see what our customers are saying, which encourages us to continue giving great service and ask for feedback.

“If a customer has a genuine complaint, for instance if a parcel has gone missing, we help them deal with it through the proper channel as that is the best way to get things resolved. And we review any negative comments to help us improve our service.”