We're listening

We're listening

As part of our commitment to improving our support for Postmasters and branch teams, we're dedicated to finding more ways to listen to what you have to say. 

We know we haven't always got things right when it comes to truly listening to the concerns of Postmasters. The business is now more focussed to make things better and easier for you. 

One of the steps we have taken is to provide a consistent way for you to report any issues you are having and allowing you to escalate issues and problems that haven't been resolved when they should have been. 

To do this, we've added a new feature to Branch Hub. You'll find a button on the homepage, called "We're Listening", that will take you through to a form where you can raise an issue or a complaint. 

When you raise an issue or a complaint on Branch Hub, a central postmaster complaints team will take ownership of your issue and resolve it with you. Our aim is to resolve issues as soon as possible. The form is simple to use and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. 

Whilst this feature on Branch Hub is new and we would encourage you to use it to raise issues and complaints, we know you may prefer to choose other options you are familiar with, such as below: 

  • Through your Area Manager
  • Ringing your Branch Support Centre on 0333 345 5567

We will take issues or complaints raised through all these routes and resolve them at the same speed as we resolve issues raised on Branch Hub. 

Tim Perkins, Post Office Service and Support Optimisation Director said: “As well as providing a consistent way for Postmasters to raise complaints, in the spirit of becoming more transparent, we will provide you with regular updates on the number of complaints raised by Postmasters.

“We are working on a report and plan to share a first update with Postmasters in the coming weeks. We expect it will include key issues raised, how quickly we have been able to resolve them and what we are doing if they haven’t been resolved.“ 

You can start using the “We’re Listening” feature on Branch Hub straightway and we hope that you find it a useful feature.