We’re Stronger Together event in Scotland

We’re Stronger Together event in Scotland

Postmasters in Scotland tuned in to hear from Group Chief Executive Nick Read and the senior team talking through where the Post Office is, where we’re going and what life after Covid-19 might look like.

Nick explained that while income has been impacted and footfall and sales are down we are starting to see a return to pre-Covid levels of trading, although some areas like Travel will have a slower recovery. Owen Woodley set out the difficult return to the travel business as we bring branches back to foreign currency sales in a sustainable way and Amanda Jones highlighted how banking is set to come back stronger as the new remuneration increases, which came in in April, are seen in full force. The team’s message was clear – we need to focus on our strengths – Mails and Parcels, Cash and Banking, our Travel business, and Bill Payments.

In the live Q&A session, 26 questions were submitted and 11 were responded to in the 30 minute session. During this session, Postmasters were invited to submit questions through the event website, and we also invited two Postmasters to join the virtual event room and ask their questions in person to senior leaders.

Postmasters told the group that Mails and Banking are the top area where they want support from Post Office – great to hear that our plan to “double down” on the big four products is the right call.

That’s why we’ve seen coverage of "Project Neo" in the Scottish Daily Record, spotted by Sunil, Postmaster at Knightswood branch who asked what it was all about. Nick told the group that Project Neo is about making sure we emerge from Covid-19 stronger than we went in, and that Postmasters are the centre of the "new normal" at Post Office.

In the Mails business, Mark Siviter set out how we are working to move with the times and to provide as wide a range of services as possible, adapting to the market where we can. But this must also alongside recognising the difficult balance between automated, cheaper transactions and premium mails transactions which take longer at the counter.

Questions not answered will be responded to when the events have ended – these will be published on One website, and shared with Regional Managers.

Finally the event was an opportunity to recognise the great work our Postmasters do supporting their communities, which has never been more relevant. Amanda announced special commendations in three awards categories:

  • Better for customers – Waheeda Akram at Stockbridge branch
  • Community engagement award – Gary Gill at Ladyton branch
  • Local hero – Abdul Majud at North Road branch

Congratulations to Waheeda, Gary, and Abdul and all our finalists and nominees, as well as a special congratulations to Louise Gunn for 40 years’ service this month in her branch which has been in the family for three generations!

There are 7 further events coming up, with sessions running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Click here to find out more and register to join the event.