Understanding Marketplace sellers

Understanding Marketplace sellers

Our ambition is to remain number one in letters and parcels. To do this, we need to understand the changes in the types of customers coming through the door. Marketplace sellers are one of our core customer groups. In our last Marketplace sellers feature we highlighted the growing popularity of online small businesses.

Many small businesses will be visiting their local Post Office branch to send orders to their customers this Christmas. We carried out some research to understand Marketplace sellers, including who are they, how much are they sending and why do or don’t they use Drop & Go - we explore more below.

Who are our customers:

  • Small volume sellers: They send between 1-19 parcels a month. 47% top up online using Drop & Go
  • Medium volume sellers: They send between 20-75 parcels a month. 66% top up online, 46% top up in branch
  • Large volume sellers: They send between 76-200 parcels a month – 71% top up online
  • Power sellers: They send more than 201+. 43% receive a call or text if account needs topping up

But these customers are busy people - time is precious and speed of service is key. Here are some reasons why customers use and don’t use Drop & Go services.

Why customers use Drop & Go

  • “I know the staff they provide a very reliable and easy service”
  • “My local Post Office are very helpful and friendly”
  • “Not having to queue and wait whilst parcels are being processed. I can drop on my way to work early morning. Also top up account online”
  • “Leaving the item in my local shop for when the post office opens”
  • “Not having to queue in the Post Office means less delays and we have created a routine which works.”
  • “I like that I get an email once my items are sorted. I collect my receipt on quieter days”
  • “Very convenient, it saves my time, which is brilliant”.

Why customers don't use Drop & Go

  • “We have a pick up instead”
  • “Not worth the effort of setting up”
  • “Haven't got a drop off area nearby”
  • “Just not thought to use it”
  • “Doesn't seem worth it for the volume of parcels I send”
  • “If I only have 2-3 parcels to post I won’t use drop and go as the time taken to fill out the manifest is too long”

Peak time is now

We are continuing to make improvements for these customers, but there is a lot of competition for this market, particularly from Collect+ and MyHermes. October is the best time to speak to potential customers and show how you can help them through services such as Drop & Go.