Staged post office robbery rumbled

Staged post office robbery rumbled

Postmaster Mohammed Iqbal allowed himself to be chloroformed and tied up by ‘armed men’ wearing body suits in front of CCTV cameras on 5 June 2015.

Brothers Terry and Jason Yarwood, who wore boiler suit outfits complete with gloves, goggles and protective shoes, made off with Iqbal’s car and £185,000 in cash, stamps and postal orders.

All three pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal monies from Rishton Post Office.

They enlisted the help of a third individual, Avaiz Samad, to play the getaway driver following the carefully planned robbery, who was found guilty of the same charge after a trial.

Iqbal and Terry Yarwood were jailed for two years and four months, Jason Yarwood was jailed for two years and 10 months and Samad was jailed for three years.

Burnley Crown Court was told that Iqbal had deliberately ordered an extra £95,000 for the ATM machine on the day. He also travelled to Preston to collect the Yarwood brothers and hid them in the garage until the time of the robbery.

They were foiled after police analysed mobile phone calls, vehicle tracking cell siting data. Iqbal made 791 calls to Jason Yarwood in the weeks leading up to the robbery and they arranged for CCTV cameras at the post office to be disabled.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing will be held later this year.