Post Office Essentials app has launched on Google store

Post Office Essentials app has launched on Google store

Putting Post Office in the hands of customers

That’s the big idea behind our new app, Post Office Essentials. Created by the Digital & Innovation team, the app makes it easy for people to access information, find their nearest branch, and apply for products and services on the go.

Our customers live increasingly digital lives. To stay relevant, we need to make sure we keep meeting their ever-changing needs. By launching Post Office Essentials we’re putting Post Office in people’s hands and making our brand present, wherever our customers go.

One tool, many features

There are many features in the app that can help make it easier for customers to get the important things in life done, such as:

  • Key information about all Post Office products and services in a bite-size format that’s easy for customers to digest wherever they go.
  • Enables customers to use our Branch Finder tool exactly when they need it most. Customers can locate branches that offer specific products and services – from international driving licence to digital passport renewals and more.
  • Gives customers directions to specific branches from their current location, thanks to tight integration with Google/Apple maps.
  • Caters for visually impaired users with comprehensive spoken assistance.
  • Simplifies the customer journey with information about products and services that flows into web-based applications.
  • Makes it easy for customers to give us feedback in the moment.
  • Allows Post Office to quickly publish important content about current public affairs.

It’s a great way for branches to get up-to-date information about our products too, and allows customers to have truly integrated experiences – both online and in branch! Why not take a look and see how it could help you start conversations with customers in your branch.

Update: Post Office Essentials app now available for Apple.

The app can now be installed on iOS devices through the App store, as well as on Android devices with Google Play store.