Part 1: Telling the story of today's Post Office

Part 1: Telling the story of today's Post Office

Post Office is a unique business with many great products and services and unparalleled reach across our branch network. The brand has been part of the fabric of British society for over 370 years, and in this time what we offer and how we provide our services have has evolved significantly.

Our research tells us that many people are not aware of the breath of services we offer that are relevant to them. We also know that amongst younger generations, we are not a brand which is front of mind.

We want to change that!

On 8 October we are launching a pilot advertising campaign across the Midlands region, to reposition the Post Office in a positively surprising way in order to highlight our relevance to younger generations. We want to see if this campaign, which has a modern and humorous tone, has a notable positive impact of how Post Office is perceived in this region, across all ages.

The campaign will be delivered through press advertising, cinema advertising, Video On Demand (ITV player/ All4 player etc), YouTube, Radio and on Social Media and will run until November 2.

Next week we’ll share the advertising campaign.

Further information…

Why is the campaign only being seen in the Midlands?

Running an advertising campaign is very costly and so we want to test its effectiveness over a four week period, in one region only. We have chosen the Midlands because of the blend of urban and rural, the significant Post Office coverage (3500+branches) and because there are no competing campaigns running for the categories covered in the brand campaign which could bias the results. It’s very important to us that can understand the impact a bolder creative can have of consumer awareness and consideration of our products and services. 

Will this campaign be promoted in branches?

As this initial roll out is a test, there will be no in branch material.

How will you know if the campaign is a success?

In the short term, we will be tracking a number of measures which show that people are positively engaging with the campaign content on digital channels such as social, YouTube and Video On Demand. These measures will include how many people watch the videos through to the end, sentiment expressed on social through comments or likes. We will also tracking if the campaign has been seen, remembered and understood. And finally we will be tracking if the campaign has had a positive impact on brand perception and category awareness / consideration.

Who has been involved in creating this campaign?

Communications and Marketing have co-created this campaign as it serves a dual purpose – to help us tell the story of today’s Post Office in context of modern Britain as well as highlighting some of the products and services that demonstrate the ways in which we are here for what matters for our customers.