New postmasters boost business

New postmasters boost business

Eagle-eyed retail magazine readers will have spotted new postmasters learning from the voice of experience in a series of features.

Postmasters Raaj Sangha from Jerry’s Lane in Birmingham and Amarjit Rakhra from New Oxford Street in London – both new branches – headed to West Sussex to meet award-winning postmaster Ramesh Shingadia at his Caterways and Southwater branches.

Ramesh showed Raaj and Amarjit around the stores and explained the lessons he and his family have learned since opening the Post Office branches – to benefit both the retail and the Post Offices.

For the second feature, Ramesh visited the two new branches to see how they are doing so far and to offer advice on making the most of their businesses.

The third feature went back to the two new postmasters to find out what impact this advice and the changes they made as a result had on the bottom line. The results showed even taking on board a few simple tips can make a difference, with Amarjit seeing a 23% increase in overall sales and Raaj benefiting from a £3,000 increase in weekly turnover.

Raaj said: “I am pleased with the uplift and we have been so busy. Allocating specific responsibilities to employees in each section has helped us become more efficient and better manage the shop, and has increased footfall.”

Amarjit wanted to find how to boost sales of his stationery section, which is downstairs in his two-storey shop. He said: “I am happy with the results and I think the increase will continue because people are shopping more downstairs and stationery sales have doubled.”

Ramesh said: “It is a delight to see the Post Office’s advice has increased sales for both Amarjit and Raaj. Over the longer term, they are really going to see the results in different areas of the shop.”

The three features were published in Retail News and Retail Express and on And check back on from 10 August to watch a video of the visits.  

Convenient for customers
New branches like Jerry’s Lane and New Oxford Street are bringing Post Office services to more customers up and down the country, and we want to continue to open new branches, especially in towns and cities.

So we’re now advertising for more potential retailers to run more Post Offices across the country.

We choose the areas we advertise in to reflect the needs of local communities and customers. We look for pockets of the population – residential, businesses or both – where there is no Post Office at the moment or there’s potential for more provision.

Customers today want convenient access to Post Office services near where they live or work when it suits them, so they can quickly return their home shopping, do their banking or post their items.

No business can afford to stand still. We want to bring in new customers to make sure we are still number one in letters and parcels and can grow other areas of our business such as banking and travel money. Having a bigger network also means we’re in better shape to keep and grow our business with our current partners and suppliers, and of course to win new business – and that benefits the whole network.

We will continue to let current postmasters know when we advertise for potential new branches in their postcode area and, if and when a new branch does open, we will of course let them know in advance, as we do now.