Join the Branch User Forum

Join the Branch User Forum

Postmasters have been asking us how they can make their voices heard and be more involved in the business. It was a topic which came up at all the We’re Stronger Together Postmaster events in July, and this is a key priority for Post Office. 

If you missed out on the opportunity earlier this year, we’re giving Postmasters another chance to join the national Branch User Forum (BUF) and play an important part in helping Post Office to be the very best it can be for our branches and our customers. 

If you are interested in making your voice heard as a BUF member, please apply by Friday 18 September 2020. 

The BUF meets regularly to provide direct input into Post Office’s operations. It’s still our plan to widen out the membership of the BUF so we can create a pool of Postmasters who will rotate with each other to attend meetings. This way we can make sure we get a wider range of ideas and opinions from different branches around the network. 

Post Office’s Head of Branch Operations Engagement Team, Katrina Holmes, said: “We want to change the membership of the BUF, so it can serve your needs more effectively and is truly representative of all your branches in communities all over the UK. If you’re interested in joining up and making your voice heard, then we really want to hear from you.” 

We took the decision to suspend recruitment in back in March because of the Covid-19 outbreak, recognising that Postmaster needed to focus on providing essential services to customers and communities. All the applications we’ve already received to date will still count and will be added to new applications now that recruitment has reopened. 

The current BUF members played an important role in Post Office’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, raising issues from the frontline, as well as discussing and inputting into key operational decisions. During Covid-19 we also set up Regional Postmaster Forums. Each session is led by our Regional Managers and feedback is collated with other Regional Managers so key themes can be shared at a weekly trading meeting. 

Your opinion matters
Chief Executive Nick Read has committed to resetting Post Office’s relationship and on 17 August announced the creation of a Non-Executive Director position for a serving Postmaster on the Board. In addition, we will be launching a formal consultation in the autumn asking how Postmasters want to be involved in influencing our products, services and ways of working. 

Expending the BUF membership will make sure that more Postmasters have the chance for their views to be heard while the consultation takes place and we agree our long-term approach on involving and working together with Postmasters. 

By joining the national BUF, you can have your say about products, services and upcoming projects, provide your views, and get your feedback incorporated. The BUF’s achievements include helping to identify improvements and process changes which are better for Postmasters and customers.

It doesn’t matter if you have been with us for two days or 20 years, you all have something to offer and we want to hear what you have to say. If you would like to join the extended BUF, please complete and submit this questionnaire by Friday 18 September 2020, to tell us you think you should be a member, what you can bring to the table and why we should choose you.