IT reporting on Branch Hub is just the ticket for London Postmaster

IT reporting on Branch Hub is just the ticket for London Postmaster

We spoke to London Postmaster, Mohasin Pathan, about how quick and easy he’s found the experience of logging issues with the IT Service Desk on Branch Hub. Mohasin runs Page Green and Queens Crescent branches and is due to take over Green Street branch in January.

Branch Hub is our new self-service portal where you can access all the information, services and support you need from Post Office, all in one place and using any device in any location. It’s a one-stop shop which makes it quicker, easier and more convenient to run your branches – including reporting your IT issues, tracking their progress and starting a live chat with an IT agent to help resolve them for you.

How long have you been a Postmaster and what’s your previous experience of reporting IT issues?
Hey, my name is Mohasin and I run multiple offices across London. I have been a Postmaster for seven years. Previously when IT issues arose we were on the phone for more than 15-20 minutes just to report one issue. They tell you to check many things whilst on the phone and it does take a long time. With Branch Hub it prompts you to check the issues with pictures on exactly how to clear paper jams or reset the printer. In general, it is an amazing tool.

Would you recommend reporting your IT issues on Branch Hub to other Postmasters and branches?
With the introduction of Branch Hub, reporting IT issues has become a whole lot easier. I started to use it as soon as it became available and I definitely recommend all Postmasters and branch colleagues use this.
What did you like the most about the way your issue was managed using Branch Hub?

The system in general to report the IT issues was absolutely simple. You have pictures so it’s very user friendly for everyone. It also prompts you to check equipment with pictures which I found very useful.

What was the problem you reported and what solution did the IT Service Desk team find to solve it for you?
I have had many Horizon counter printer issues and every time I have reported via Branch Hub I have received a new one the next working day.
Do you have any top tips or advice for other Postmasters and branches if they need to raise an IT issue on Branch Hub?
If you ever have any IT issues the best way to report the issue is directly via Branch Hub.

I have been at home on multiple occasions to report printer issues. So, whilst managing multiple branches, it is very convenient to have this feature.

Branch Hub is the future and with Stock Ordering, Coin Ordering and checking Planned Orders, if you are not on this platform you are really losing out.