Busting the myths on Whistleblowing

Busting the myths on Whistleblowing

On Wednesday 23 June, it is World Whistleblowing Day. The day is about the critical role whistleblowers play in helping to combat crime and corruption. We want anyone who is aware of, or suspects, wrongdoing which affects others (e.g. Postmasters, branch teams, our employees and customers) to raise their concerns safe in the knowledge that those concerns will be taken seriously and treated confidentially.

Here are some important facts about Whistleblowing:

  1. Anyone (Postmaster, branch teams, employees, customers, third parties) can raise a concern via the Whistleblowing channel. In the last 6 months, 12 Postmasters and members of their teams have shared a concern with us in this way. All of these reports have been reviewed and investigated, and wherever possible, we have provided feedback to the reporter.
  2. You do not need to have a raft of evidence to raise concerns via whistleblowing. Sometimes you may feel that something isn’t right but have little or no evidence to prove it, it is important that you feel that you can report these concerns confidentially and know that they will be looked into.
  3. You will not get into trouble for using the Whistleblowing process. Post Office has a policy that no whistleblowing reporter will suffer detriment, even if the investigation concludes that there has been no breach of any law, regulations or policies.

Why is whistleblowing important?

A culture of whistleblowing helps us find out about things that are not right and even where an allegation is not substantiated, it can help highlight an area we can improve, for example, enhancements to culture, training or communication.  You may remember the podcast that was released in April introducing our new Whistleblowing Champion, Zarin Patel. Zarin is a Non-Executive Director and appointing her into the role as Whistleblowing Champion further demonstrates our commitment to and the importance of whistleblowing at Post Office. If you missed the podcast, you can find it here.

How you can raise issues or concerns

If you don’t feel able to raise an issue with your Area Manager or via the We’re Listening button on Branch Hub, you can raise issues directly with the Whistleblowing team by emailing whistleblowing@postoffice.co.uk and you will always receive an initial response within five days.

Protecting our customers, Postmasters and colleagues is a key priority for Post Office, and this includes protecting those that raise concerns.