Wells Post Office is sending on life’s essentials

Wells Post Office is sending on life’s essentials

Over the past week, as the UK has gone into lockdown and Post Offices are among the small number of essential services that remain open, Kevin and Beverley Truman, who run Wells Post Office in Somerset, South West region, have been seeing a big increase in customers posting food packages.

As Kevin and Beverley have been finding out, customers are sending food supplies and toilet rolls to loved ones – to elderly and vulnerable people, those in self-isolation, those working in frontline roles and for those who have run out of certain items and can’t get new supplies. They are also seeing many customers come into Wells branch on behalf of people who are in isolation.

Beverly Truman said: “Last week we were getting people sending Mother’s Day presents and cards and now we are getting lots of food parcels being sent. We have to ask what is inside a parcel for security reasons and we end up getting a long shopping list of items that are inside. We end up having a little chat about who the items are for and why that person needs help.

“If people can’t visit their family and friends who are self-isolating they want to send parcels to cheer people up.

“Boots is also now sending prescriptions to customers so we are now getting Boots pharmacists coming in to post items.

“Older people are coming in first thing in the morning and they are tying it within their timeslot at supermarkets for older people.

“People still want to pay their bills with us too and to top-up their utilities and their mobiles, as they need to keep in touch too.

“We’re also getting more Drop and Go customers in. Business customers using the prepaid mailing service where they just come in and drop off their mail means our other customers not having to wait so long.”