Speedy service key to SSK success

Speedy service key to SSK success

New research by consumer watchdog Citizens Advice shows people find our self-service kiosks (SSKs) easy to use and they can significantly speed up service.

‘Help Yourself? Current and future use of self service at post offices’ is the first publicly available research into Post Office self-service provision in the UK. It’s based on mystery shopper findings and interviews with more than 2,000 consumers.

Nearly four in 10 people have used a Post Office SSK at some point, and 83 per cent said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience. More than 80 per cent said the machines were very easy or quite easy to use.

SSKs are most popular among younger consumers and Londoners, and posting letters and parcels are the top transactions.

Speed is the main reason people choose to use the SSKs. The research shows having functioning SSKs in place reduces waiting times across all parts of a Post Office.

Citizens Advice did make some recommendations for improvement too. It would like to see more SSKs in more branches and better awareness of the SSKs and what they can be used for (for example through clearer signage in branches). It recommended making the machines easier to use (which we have done through the improvements we introduced last month) and developing a new, more intuitive generation of SSKs – work we already have in the pipeline.

Read the full report here.