Our branches - A customer perspective

Our branches - A customer perspective

Post Office branches come in different shapes and sizes, and each branch environment offers a different experience for customers. Space is limited and our challenge is to ensure each customer has a great experience and they quickly get what they come in for – whether it’s to drop off a parcel, take cash out of their account, buy travel money or pay a bill.

Earlier this year, we started a project to review our branch environments, which includes everything from store fascias, external signage, leaflets, navigation, counter design and branding, through to point of sale principles. All this plays an important part of the customer journey and experience.

A few weeks ago, we invited postmasters to attend a workshop to review our marketing and communications material to branches. Their input – which we’ll share over the coming weeks – will feed into a number of areas we are looking to improve around this.

In summary, we found that:

  • Our branch design had potential to be updated – we last reviewed our branch design in 2011.
  • We could make improvements to our in branch marketing materials
  • Our customer literature can be streamlined reducing the number of leaflets we provide in branch

Branch design

We are now piloting new branch designs in some of our new branches opening in locations without a post office currently. This design pilot will take place in six branches between now and November, and looks at a wider range of external and internal design aspects which could improve experiences for customers.

The pilot design includes stronger use of the Post Office red, and includes new store fascias which have already been trialled in new branches opened in London recently as well as our WHSmith branches.

Katharine Challinor, Retail Marketing Operations Director for Post Office and lead for this project said:

“Our branches already offer a welcoming environment for our customers. There’s always more we could be doing and through this pilot we want to trial some design enhancements to see what impact these may have on our customer journey and experience.

“The look and feel will be different to what we have now, and we will monitor the results to understand which elements will be taken forward for future new branch openings.”

The official opening of the first new pilot branch in Essex takes place this week. Stay tuned to see the new designs and we’d welcome any feedback from postmasters and colleagues.