IAA winners: Congratulations to Hillingdon and Herston branches

IAA winners: Congratulations to Hillingdon and Herston branches

Congratulations to two retailers with Post Offices who became Category Stars at the Independent Achievers Academy Gala Dinner last night.


Sophie Towers, Hillingdon Post Office & Spar, in Burnley won the Responsible Retailer Award.

Sophie runs a Post Office Local with nearly 700 customer sessions a week. She has good processes in place to ensure she’s protecting shoppers and staff. She helps people with disabilities to feel safe in her store by closing for them while they shop. She has lowered her food waste by recording and learning from what stock is reduced and wasted and all staff are trained and refreshed on age-restricted products, cash handling and Level 2 food hygiene.


Chris Tomes, of Herston Post Office Costcutter & The Food Shop in Swanage won the Merchandising Award.

Chris runs a busy Local Plus with around 1000 customer sessions a week.  Chris’ cross-merchandising between his fruit and veg section and his butchers counter really caught the eye of the judges as it provided a whole meal solution for shoppers. He is strong on shelf edge labelling, has clear shopper missions, makes good use of dump bins to cross-merchandise and uses his own brand ‘The Food Shop’ to help the shoppers recognise their produce.

The Independent Achievers Academy is a business development programme designed to help retailers grow sales and profits through benchmarking and expert advice. 

Post Office supports the Customer Service category which was won by Jacqui Dales, London Road Bakery in Boston.

Jacqui’s holistic view on customer service and her formalised programme of activity starts and ends with the customer. She uses active listening, mystery shopping and has put the customer at the centre of her thinking. She sets and clearly displays the standards she expects of her staff and has put customer service at the heart of her performance related bonus scheme.

For a full list of the Category Stars and their stories visit https://www.betterretailing.com/news/