IAA benchmarking advice boosts footfall by 15%

IAA benchmarking advice boosts footfall by 15%

Postmasters are always striving to improve their businesses. The Independent Achievers Academy (IAA) is a business development programme that many postmasters have been working with since 2013, which helps retailers grow their sales and profits by following expert advice.

The IAA’s 2019 benchmarking guide series begins with advice on excellent customer service, from Peter Johnson, Head of Network Development, Post Office. Find out how putting these tips into action helped Newcastle retailer Riki increase his footfall by an impressive 15% - and access the advice, with the online resources and quick guide at the end of this article.

IAA Academy in Action 2019: Customer Service

In this week’s programme, The Post Office’s Peter Johnson meets Newcastle retailer Riki Mhatre to discuss how to improve customer service and take his store to the next level.

Incredible customer service is the store factor that costs nothing, yet delivers bigger baskets, more frequent visits and happier staff. Retailers report that it can influence customer shopping habits more than pricing or range.

It starts with the customer’s first impression; make sure they are greeted with a smile and a warm welcome, and then, as they become regulars, know their orders, understand what’s important to them and tailor your service to them individually.

Why I take part

I wanted to benchmark my shop with the IAA to find out what other retailers are doing that I’m not. By taking on board their great ideas, I know I can improve our customer service and my store as a whole. Part of this involves meeting our community’s need for additional services, so I was delighted Post Office could give me advice in this area.” -- Riki Mhatre

Keep shoppers coming back

Find out here how you can better serve your customers and how you can improve in 11 other categories. 

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