"HATE going into this post office, only go if I really have to"

"HATE going into this post office, only go if I really have to"

In the run up to Love Your Customer week, we’re taking a look at customer experience in our branches. We don’t always get it right, experience varies from branch to branch and unfortunately we can lose customers. 

It’s important to learn from customers who feel haven’t been supported during their visit so here you can read some of these comments we’ve received from customers recently. 

  • Not good customer interaction, just about got a mumbled thanks at the end of the transaction, otherwise no communication. The shop looks bare and dirty and unkempt and with owners children sitting on the freezers and making a lot of noise, doesn't look and feel professional. HATE going into this post office, only go if I really have to.
  • The staff are so miserable ☹️ I have never ever seen any of the staff smile, they look like they hate the job and customers, it is a requirement of the job!!!! Come on, put some life into customer service, you’ll enjoy your job much more, SMILE it won’t cost you anything. 😊
  • I have been using this post office branch for 29 years and I know that people complained about the previous encumbrances but these people are terrible! Since they moved in several years ago they have been as miserable as sin. The lady in particular, she never looks at you or smiles and is always grumpy. If she hates the job that much why do it? I often go the extra mile and visit the post office in town ask they always smile and make you welcome. What a difference! Please, please give them a lesson in customer service. Thank you.
  • Branch is always messy, rubbish on the floor, never organised. Feels old and not cared for. Staff rude, not competent, not taking responsibility, and slow! Never been in this branch and had NOT to queue! Only 2 desks available but one is for travel money. Self service not working or if it is no one to help. Hate coming here and only do it if it's a must. Nothing good about this place. 

Most branches would, of course, never want to provide service like this. All of the customers above may not use those branches again, or may avoid using Post Office at all in future and say so to family and friends.

But all of these situations seem easy to solve, with good customer service. And we know great service is being delivered by hundreds of branches across the country. You can read about it here

What are your customers saying about your branch?
You can also see feedback from customers about your own branch through Qualtrics, the platform we use to measure and view our customer experience metrics. Please speak to your Area Manager for more information if you have not already signed up for a Qualtrics account.