“Give it a go, you won’t regret it”

“Give it a go, you won’t regret it”

Over the last few weeks we’ve been holding Travel workshops across the country to support you ahead of the peak travel season. Here’s postmaster Brenda Brooks on why it’s worth your while to sign up for a Travel workshop taking place this month.

Travel workshops help you connect with your customers, make a great first impression and build better relationships through simple conversations that put their essential travel needs first. 

We’ve invited over 11,000 branches to come to one of 60 workshops running until 28 June 2019. You can attend in the afternoon from 2.30-5pm, or in the evening from 6.30-9pm. 

Come and get ready for the summer peak – it’s a great way to meet your Area Manager too. 

Register online here. Or register by phone on 0800 068 1791, 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Brenda Brooks, Postmaster at Stalybridge branch in Cheshire and three of her team attended a Travel workshop in Bolton on 23 May.

Brenda said, “Since the workshop, we have sold 27 Travel Money Cards in our branch, in just two weeks!  Every single member of our staff is talking to customers about travel now. My team are all really enthusiastic now and understand the products so much better after the workshop.

“Two of the staff had never sold travel before as we have a dedicated travel counter. But now they understand the products and how to have the conversations, they feel confident to explain to any customers what our travel products have to offer. We’re now selling up to 6 or 7 Travel Money Cards a day, even from the normal counter positions, it’s great, really unbelievable.”

Their new starter of just three weeks, Gregory Kennedy (in photo, with colleague Leah Brooks) was so blown away by the Travel Money Card and App, that he we went back to branch and sold his first card for £700!

If you aren’t sure if this is for you, just give it a go

“If you’re a postmaster or work in a branch and aren’t sure if this is for you, just give it a go, you won’t regret it. You’re giving the customer the best rate with Travel Money Card and it’s a great time to remind yourself of the great features and I think that feels really good as a postmaster.

“And, it generates income for the branch and gives you and your team confidence. It was well worth taking the time out for our trip to the Travel workshop. We’ve more than made back the money it cost us already!”

Thanks to our trainer, he was great

Brenda added: “We’d all like to say thanks to our trainer Graham Hill, he was great. All the staff really enjoyed the training, he explained it all so well. We weren’t afraid to ask questions, because he put us at ease.

“Our new Regional Manager Donna Poulter was there too, it was great to meet her. She sat with us and talked with the staff and they really loved the fact that one of the top bosses was so welcoming and made time for them.”