Caistor Post Office helps the local economy in Lincolnshire

Caistor Post Office helps the local economy in Lincolnshire

At a time like this, people spring into action and go the extra mile to look after the nearest, dearest and local communities. This support is critical as it keeps the local community thriving.

A great example of branches supporting their community is Postmasters Martin Sizer and Kaye Lee, who run Caistor Post Office in Lincolnshire in the East Midlands Region. They have been helping local business to find new ways of working during the pandemic.

Martin and Kaye should have been at a Queen’s party this month to thank them for the amazing work that they do for the community, however, this has been postponed until next year. Instead on recent Sundays, when the branch is normally closed, they have specifically opened to help handle parcels for a local nursery.

Waltham Herbs, is a family run nursery in Caistor, which specialises in selling perennials, herbs and lavenders. With lockdown it meant that customers were not able to visit. Martin endorsed their idea of selling more on line due to the difficult trading period and the company set up online sales on their website for the first time.

This idea was a success and suddenly there were lots of parcels to process. Martin suggested opening especially on a Sunday to help this business. On the first Sunday Martin, Kaye and their son Luke spent a few hours processing 162 parcels for Royal Mail delivery.

Martin, said: “This business had lots of plants ready for sale and if it had not been for online sales, trade would really have suffered, so we wanted to help.”

This is not the first time that the branch has been open on a Sunday in exceptional circumstances. In Easter 2019 the town’s only ATM machine, at another business, was attacked, leaving no access to cash, so Martin opened his office up on Easter Sunday to help the local community.

During lockdown there has been a 30% increase nationally in businesses using Drop and Go and this is even higher in Caistor. One big new customer is Fibre Fox, which specialises in dyeing wool.

Joanne Fryatt, Area Manager, said: “We nominated Martin and Kaye for the Royal Garden Party as they work extremely hard to support their local community of Caistor, but they also take their Post Office outreach service to Glentham, Tealby and North Kelsey. Martin also gives talks to local WI groups to promote their business and range of services.

“Martin serves on the Town Council and is a school governor. He is also involved in Caistor in Bloom. During the summer Caistor always looks amazing and Martin is encouraging people to participate again this year. He is also Vice President with Caistor Lions and he is often busy with fundraising for good causes.”
“The community and I really appreciate what Martin and Kaye do and we really hope that they get to enjoy the Queen’s Garden party when they get the chance to attend. They definitely deserve the recognition for all that they do for the community”.