The new £20 polymer banknote

The new £20 polymer banknote

As you will have seen, today (20 February), the Bank of England has launched the new £20 polymer banknote. In Scotland, Clydesdale and Bank of Scotland will release theirs the following week and RBS on 5 March. Northern Ireland will release theirs later this year. 

With £42 billion’s worth of £20 notes in circulation in the UK, within eight weeks we expect half of the notes coming back into our cash centres to be the new polymer note. 

The new £20 notes are cleaner, safer and stronger than paper notes. Polymer notes also provide enhanced counterfeit resilience and increase the quality of notes in circulation.

The familiar paper £20 notes will remain legal tender for the time being. The Bank of England has not yet published a date when they will withdraw legal tender status.

The new £20 notes contain similar security features to the £5 and £10 polymer notes. A full list of security features can be found on the Bank of EnglandACBI or CSCB websites.

More information can be found in Branch Focus