Post Office launches summer travel campaign

Post Office launches summer travel campaign

This week marks the launch of our exciting new travel campaign, which runs throughout the summer. The campaign aims to drive awareness and consideration of the Post Office travel offering, so that we protect our market share and remain top of mind for consumers - ultimately driving sales across all travel products.

The travel market is welcoming the rapid return of overseas travel, with many consumers looking to get away this summer. However, after two years of lockdown and the introduction of a stack of new rules, travel has never felt more complicated, confusing or daunting. This year more than ever, people want to feel reassured at every stage of their holiday, from the second they book, to the moment they arrive back safely from their getaway.

Consumer travel insights

  • 32% of Brits have already booked a trip away
  • 36% intend to book a trip away for 2022
  • 37% intend to go to a new country
  • 44% of Brits feel more nervous about travelling (more than in 2019)
    • 39% around the risk of new travel restrictions being imposed
    • 35% around the hassle and costs of Covid-19 tests when visiting certain countries
    • 30% around the cost of falling ill abroad

Source: ABTA Holiday Booking Report

This presents a significant opportunity to position Post Office as the ultimate travel partner, there for customers when they need us, for all their travel needs; Travel Money, Travel Money Card, Travel Insurance, Passport Check & Send and International Driving Permit. It also creates a great opportunity for Postmasters to maximise sales as the market recovers and customers are excited to travel.

The campaign will see the Post Office logo used as a fun creative device, that literally ‘travels with you’ – it will appear in unexpected places, such as a palm tree on a beach, to remind the whole of the UK that they should: Always Pack the Post Office.

Marketing activity will be spread across multiple customer facing channels, including radio, press, social media, digital display banners and video, email, in-branch and online through our website.

You can find a sneak peak of our radio ad here, which kicks off the campaign on Friday 20 May and will feature on national UK radio stations.

As part of this year’s campaign we’re also delighted to share that we will shortly be launching our exclusive in-branch promotion, offering 10% off Single trip and Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance. Look out for more details in Branch Focus soon.