OutsideIn: Blockchain?

OutsideIn: Blockchain?

Blockchain is a word used a lot lately when talking about disruptive technology. But I’m sure many of us don’t really know what it is and how it works. To help tackle this we’ve pulled together some handy resources that should give you a good grounding on Blockchain whether you have an hour, half an hour or just a couple of minutes!

Can only manage a few minutes this week?  This video, originally shared by Group CIO, Rob Houghton gives you a brief overview of blockchain in just 2 minutes!

Grabbing half an hour for lunch? In this TedTalk,  Richie Etwaru, discusses the opportunity and implications of blockchain in the commercial world.

Got an hour set aside? This documentary  is a great way to learn more. The award-winning Blockchain and Us is the first documentary film about blockchain technology has been praised for its discussion of the technology.

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