New banking and payment transaction – your questions answered

New banking and payment transaction – your questions answered

Thank you to branches for their feedback and questions about the new process being introduced as part of ensuring Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance (PCI DSS).

This is a change in how we complete banking and payment transactions and we appreciate branches and customers are adjusting to the new process. At the same time, we are identifying some new issues that were not found during our pilot.

For example, we know that some cards for certain banks are not working on PIN pads that have been upgraded to the new process.

This is only affecting a small number of cards for these banks so please try the transaction first – most cards are working fine, but a small number have been rejected by the PIN pad, for example some of them have expired.

We are aware of these issues with some cards for Santander (including a few Alliance & Leicester branded cards still in circulation) and Bank of Ireland and will continue to monitor other transactions and branch and bank feedback.

We are currently putting solutions in place so these cards can be swiped by the customer. If you experience this before then, here is some guidance.

Santander expired cards (including Alliance & Leicester branded cards): The customer may not know there is an issue as there isn’t always an expiry date on the card. They may have been sent a new card but were still using their old one as it still worked before the PIN pad was upgraded. It’s worth reminding the customer that they may have been sent a new card that will work, but if not they should contact their bank to make arrangements. The solution is due to roll out this month (March).

Bank of Ireland cards: For deposits, customers can use a Bank of Ireland lodgement slip (deposit slip) in your branch in the meantime. Customers should have these and if they need more they can contact the Bank of Ireland call centre on 0345 736 5555 or their nearest Bank of Ireland branch. For withdrawals and balance enquiries they can use an ATM, including a Post Office ATM. They can also use a Bank of Ireland branch for transactions with this card.

If you experience any of the above card issues and you still have any counters that have not yet upgraded to the new process, the card should work there until the counter is upgraded in the ongoing roll-out.

Here are responses to 16 questions received or points identified about the new process, including:

  • It seems to take longer to do transactions and you don’t see the same messages as customers
  • More buttons/processes to complete transactions
  • Shortcut buttons 42 and 46 for withdrawals and deposits have changed.

You can also find background information about PCI compliance and why the new process is necessary here.

Thank you for your support and feedback as we continue this roll-out.