How to… use social media to grow your business

How to… use social media to grow your business

With an estimated 3.9 billion people worldwide using social media, digital engagement is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes, particularly small businesses, to connect with customers.

So, why do Instagram and Snapchat matter?

The digital world continues changing fast, with the newest apps and social media a big part of that.

  • There are now 45 million social media users in the UK,
  • Social media is a tried and tested way to reach existing and new customers of all ages.
  • Two of the newer social media apps started as fun with photos, but are now fast becoming mainstream: Instagram (24 million UK users) and Snapchat (16 million).

They’re used to promote and sell goods by many retailers, from global giants, to small, local businesses, reaching people of all ages, including younger consumers not on Facebook.

Easy tips to get social media working for you

We’ve spoken to our digital experts to develop new social media guidelines, with everything you need to get started, best practice tips and guidelines to help you stay on brand and professional.

We know you’re busy, so have also created toolkits of ready-made images, to save you time.

We’ll be updating the social media toolkits soon with more graphics and messages. We will also be introducing new product toolkits, thanks to great ideas and feedback from postmasters.

Take a look at the guidelines and toolkits and tell us what else you’d like to see. We’ll look at creating some of the popular requests in the coming months.

Postmasters getting social

Many postmasters are already a dab hand at using FaceBook and Twitter to keep their customers informed about products, services, deals and local news. Some have been recognised as digital champions in external awards for using social media, apps and more, really innovating in how they make the best use of technology in retail.

See why postmasters Mo Razzaq of High Blantyre Family Shopper and Post Office and Shamim and Faraz Iqbal, Linktown Post Office and Premier Convenience Store were recognised for digital skills.