Horizon IT Inquiry - update

Horizon IT Inquiry - update

Sir Wyn Williams has been hearing testimony from people directly affected by the original Horizon IT system over the last two weeks in London. We are listening closely to their experiences and their harrowing memories they are recalling. Their testimony has been difficult to listen to, but we need to hear the detail of the human impact to make sure that all the lessons are learnt and could never happen again.

Sir Wyn will be hearing further testimony from people affected at hearings in Cardiff this week and Leeds next week.

Postmasters participation in the Inquiry
The Inquiry wants to hear from Postmasters about their current experience by submitting written statements or joining focus groups. You can read more about how you can get involved here.  

Training for colleagues
One way we are making sure every Post Office colleague understands the Group Litigation and court judgments is through mandatory training. The training will help colleagues understand what the past means for us in our current roles and interactions with Postmasters. 

Operational improvements
We are continuously reviewing our processes and policies and making improvements to support Postmasters. For example, we have enhanced our training for Postmasters and their teams, and improving IT systems to allow branches to easily report issues or raise a dispute. 

Working with Postmasters
We want to make sure Postmasters are listened to, their feedback acted on and their voices heard. We have established a new Postmaster engagement framework and over 100 postmasters have joined new Monthly regional forums, and we continue existing working groups.

Speak Up service

Please remember, our confidential Speak Up service which is available for Postmasters to raise any concerns relating to wrongdoing. You can find more information about our Speak Up service here.