An expert view: Cash in the UK

An expert view: Cash in the UK

The future of cash is something we hear a lot about in the media. As people demand more flexibility in how and when they pay for services, the role for cash is evolving in modern Britain. Being the UK’s main provider of cash is one of our key strategic ambitions and in order to achieve this ambition, it’s important we all understand what the future of cash use looks like.

We spoke to UK Finance, a trade association for the UK banking and financial services sector, about what their research shows about cash usage in the UK. We spoke to Adrian Buckle to see what he thought about the future of cash.

Is cash dead?

Why do we still need cash?

How close do you think we are to a cashless society?

What do customers really want?

So as you’ve heard, we’re a long way away from cashless society, proving the opportunity is ours if we choose to take it.